Remedies For Love Marriage

If you want to get love marriage, but for some reason your marriage is not getting married, then you can get lots of work from the arrangements / spells of love marriage given here. Chant this mantra in front of the photo of Lord Vishnu and Mother Lakshmi on Thursday in Shukla Paksha for love marriage. The mantra is as follows –“Om laxmi narayanay namah” Chant the chanting of this mantra everyday. While doing so, pray for the success of love marriage. By using this experiment for 3 consecutive months you will get very good results.
It is also very effective for the girl to keep her fast on Thursday for her love marriage. Pukharaj and Sunela to prove the girl to prove her love marriage will get the desired result quickly. The boys who want to marry a girl of their choice, they should wear American Jurcon or diamond.
If the girl wants to succeed in love marriage, then she donet wear yellow clothes on a young child on Thursday. Similarly, the boy should donate white clothes on a small girl on Friday.
These measures are fairly simple but effective in the marriage arrangement. In this experiment, you have to create a picture of a woman or man of choice on a white paper. Men should photograph the women with many different colors and women should make men's skin from red color. For such a love marriage, make trips continuously for three months. Many times, even after trying a million, the girl does not get married or the obstacles arise between the love marriage. In such a way, make love marriage solutions. If this measure is done with complete devotion, you will not be late for getting results.

Remedies to love marriage:

Take a yellow cloth on Sunday. In this cloth, take 7 lumps of turmeric, 7 dully jaggery, 7 suparias, 7 yellow flowers, 70 cm yellow cloth and 70 grams of gram dal. Also take 7 yellow coins and a fifteen instrument. Worship the mother Parvati with all these. Keep all these items in the house for 40 days. These measures will remove all the obstacles in your marriage path and soon you will see signs of your marriage.
For success in love marriage, it is very beneficial for a girl to keep her fast on Thursday. On this day, donate some items of yellow, do not sleep on this day.
Those girls who want to get married should have 108 bulldog letters to Shivaji in the month of Savan. After worshiping Shiva, tilak of Nirmalya soon creates a suitable environment for marriage
While doing remedies for marriage, it is important to follow some very simple rules. Following these rules, you will be able to see their effect in less time.
In order to be successful in love marriage, the pronunciation of mantra is also very important. Make a mockery of this mantra to eradicate any obstacles that arise between love and marriage Mantra:
“Om Cleen Krishanay Gopijan Vallabhaya Swaha”
If you are not getting married then you can make love marriage successful by using mantra tricks to make love marriage. You can also find out how many yoga exercises are made in your life for the sake of marriage. You can check love yoga by matching with the name of your lover, and if there is any defect then worship it and remove it. If you want to make love marriage successful, then contact and cherish life in love.

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