Kamdev Vashikaran

Since ancient times, we have been listening to the stories of Kamdev, he is the god of love and beauty. Lover and husband-wife should worship Kamdev to strengthen their love, in the same way, in the system of world, they are worshiped for doing Kamdev, because they are considered to be the deities of love. Work of God is related to the relationship between husband and wife, and the relation between the relationship, the relationship between love relations and the love of Kamdev is considered to be the best.

Kamdev Vashikaran Mantra

“ॐ नमः काम-देवयः सहकल सहदृशः सहमसह वन्हे धुननः जनममदर्शनं
उत्कण्ठितं कुरु कुरु, दक्ष दक्षु-धरः कुसुम-वाणेनः हनः हनः स्वहः ”

( "om Namah Kam-Devay: Sahakal Sahyograshah Sahasam Jha Dhunan: Janmashdarshan Vaakantitam Kuru Kuru, Daksha Eghat-Dhar: Kusum-Vaaneen: Hn: Hn: Self" )

The sadhana of Kamdev is simple and fulfilling the task, it is the lord of love therefore, to get rid of love, to regain love, to cultivate love in husband wife, sadana is performed, if you have any particular person To do it, you have to work your mind, you should chant the Kamadev Vashikaran mantra and take bath in the morning and chant this mantra of Kamdev twenty-one thousand times. After chanting this mantra, chanting this mantra becomes a mantra, after which you get the result of this mantra, after chanting the mantra, after giving you the sun, light and havan, give food to a Brahmin and give it dakshina, after that Chant a garland of this proven mantra everyday, and by offering the fruits of drinking this fruit, by this mantra, give it to the person whom you want to subdue, see in few days That the person will lean towards you and soon the auspicious result will be realized.

कामदेव बीज़ मंत्र

By chanting this mantra, the person's body becomes very compelling, attraction power comes in person, love is won in love, this mantra is proven by chanting three lakh times and fulfilling all desires.
ॐ क्लीं कामदेवायः नमः

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