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There are many such causes in the couple's life, which creates a situation of confusion in the relationship. It is difficult to understand the complexity of marital life but the remedies of happy couples can certainly be done. After marriage, husband and wife can not bear the burden of responsibilities suddenly, in consequence, a rift is started in the relationship. Let's know about the problems between husband and wife :-

  • Many times after marriage, husband and wife come to a state of unbelief for some reason, in such cases, husband and wife arrive without even compromising or consulted counselor without the consequences of divorce.
  • For the remedies of happy marriage, it is important for the couple to understand the importance of each other and fulfill each other's needs.
  • Today, problems between husband and wife are increasing so that there is confusion between husband and wife, bitterness in relations, problems related to sex, and not being able to find each other's thoughts, complexity in marital life, rift in relationships There are common reasons for coming.
  • Many times the rift in the relation ship can come from expecting too much from the partner. The more problems you will expect from your partner, the more problems your relationships will get. That is why it is better that you do your work yourself.
  • In order to make marital life a success, it is necessary to make a husband and wife friendly to their partner or to take care of their likes and dislikes.
  • In the life of many couples, in the thoughts of the peers and the absence of matching in the work or the difference in the interest, love does not grow in one another, thereby creating a sense of dissatisfaction with each other. Consequential relationship increases the chances of cracking.
  • Interference in the normal relations of husband-wife, interference in relation between husband or wife and no reason for satisfaction with sex, is also caused by any other reason, and complications arise in marital life.

Do not tinker with the relationship, the couple should be happy, the marriage is not complicated, it is necessary for the husband and wife not to interfere with their problems, instead of interfering with their problems, try to solve the problems themselves.

पति-पत्नी में मधुर रिश्तों के लिए इसे आजमाएं, ये अनुभूत टोटका

This trick was that women of ancient times often tried to have their personal relationships for sweetness. You also try and see if you want sweetness in marital life.
रात को सोते समय पत्नी पति के तकिये के निचे सिंदूर की एक पुड़िया और पति पत्नी के तकिये में कपूर की 2 पुड़िया रख दें। प्रातः सूरज निकलते है सिंदूर की पुड़िया घर से बाहर फेंक दें तथा कपूर को निकाल कर उस कमरे जला दें।
यह दूसरा प्रयोग शुक्ल में पक्ष करना फलदाई होता है । टोटका इस प्रकार है - एक पान का पत्ता लें। पान के पत्ते पर चंदन और केसर का चूर्ण मिला ले फिर दुर्गा माँ की फोटो के सामने बैठ कर माँ दुर्गा स्तुति की चंडी स्त्रोत का पाठ 43 दिन तक करें। पाठ समाप्त करने के बाद चंदन और केसर जो पान के पत्ते पर रखा था, उसका तिलक अपने माथे पर लगाएं तिलक लगाने के बाद अपने जीवनसाथी के सामने जाएं। पान का पता रोज नया लेना रोज प्रयोग किए गए पान के पत्ते को अलग स्थान पर रखें। 43 दिन के बाद उन पान के पत्तों को जल में प्रवाहित कर दें। जल्द ही समस्या का समाधान होगा और रिश्तों में निश्चित रूप से मिठास आएगी।
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