Ex Girlfriend / Ex Boyfriend Problem Solution

Get your ex girlfriend or ex boyfriend problem solution by Guru Chandra Kant Ji and enjoy your love life! Master or Master in various activities of Vashikaran, you can always get rid of problems related to love by Guru ji! Sooner to guru ji and tell your problem in detail!
By following the following measures you can subdue your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend! If you have to get rid of love problems more effectively and for a lifetime, then contact Guru ji and get the correct solution for the problem!

  • Immerse the silver ankle in a mirror or clay vessel for twenty-one days! Change the time of morning to the dolphin! Grab this ankle ashes from the ashes and make your girlfriend a gift! If your girlfriend wakes it up, then you will be in control of three Dino!
  • In the root of Basil plant, add saffron, gorochana, ash of ash, ashes of your hair and cloves, and after twenty-one days after feeding its soft drinks, feeding your girlfriend in the form of dessert, will be ensnared!
  • If you feel that your lover is taking less interest in you, or if you are attracted towards another woman or girl, then that woman should try to get the fruit of the leopard together with honey, through the food and the drink, to your lover Feed! Doing so, his lover will disagree with the other woman and you will go after him forever!

Whenever you love someone, remember that patience and wait is the best solution.

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