Enemy Died Mantra

We have to face the enemies in our life sometimes or not. If your enemy is powerful then you will have to face a lot of trouble. Any kind of enemy can overcome your life. Therefore, you should get rid of your enemy by using tricks of enemies mitigation. You can defeat your enemy by using enemy system of elimination. Whenever you do the tricks of enemy mitigation, you do it with full confidence.

Enemy kill mantra

Enemies can be of many types but with the help of enemy quenching here you can easily conquer them. To reduce or eliminate the effect of any enemy, use of enemy mitigation and the use of enemy Shabar destructor mantra gives very good quantity. Use the enemy destroyer only to win over your enemy or to change the enemy into friendship.
The enemy mantra is as follows: “Nirshihai Vaidhey, Barge Nakhaya Dhi Mahi Tanno Nrushahi Prokashyata !!” (नृसिंहाय वीद्यहे, बज्र नखाय धि मही तान्नो नृसही प्रचोदयात!!)
The chant of this mantra will have to be done before you leave the sun every day. These mantras are so impressive that by its use any person forgets hostility and starts behaving in friendship. By chanting this mantra, your enemy will never be able to conspire against you. If your enemy has messed up your life then you will get very good results from Maa Kali's prayer. Maa Kali protects against all kinds of enemies and releases the seeker by their side effects. Celebrate Maa Kali on the Sunday of Amavasya. For this, you should place a statue of Maa Kali on a black cloth and keep the Maa's face north direction. After this, you should start worshiping.
Perform these prayers in a simple way. When the worship of Maa Kali is completed, take a lemon and write the name of your enemy on it and pray to Maa for liberation from the enemy. After this method, please pronounce Mantra of Maa Kali from Rudraksh, Kala Hukik or Munga Mala Mala. After chanting the goods, you will get the expected results. After completion of Mala Jaap, offer urad dal on lemon placed in front of Maa Kali. During this, meditate that Maa Kali is ending the effect of your enemy. While chanting the garland, pronounce this mantra. Mantra:- “KrI Krien Nashini Kri kri Ft !!”(क्री क्रीं शत्रु नाशीनी क्रीं क्री फट!!)
Remedies for taking marauders / revenge / killings can be revenge with any enemy using the mantra of tricks and their enemy can be defeated. If your enemy is still bothering you much and you want to defeat him, contact him and solve any problems related to the enemy / enemy by using the Tantric Siddha verb. Here is the bite of every enemy, whose solution is only possible through the use of Tantric verb.

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