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Black magic is also known in the scriptures as the name of Abhishech, which means a mechanism whereby negative powers are awakened. The main purpose of black magic, ie negative mechanism - is to dissipate a person from that place, harass it or make him use it and subdue it. There are some common symptoms of a person suffering from Black Magic, ie negative mechanism, such as mental obstruction, heavyness in breathing and moving faster, stretch in the throat, blue marks on the thigh without any injuries, discord in the home without any special reason Action-fighting, unnatural death of any member of the house, sudden loss of business etc. There are some other symptoms such as feeling heavyness in the heart, sleep apneas not enough, confusion of anybody's presence, strife, etc. Are commonly seen. The person remains uncomfortable and does not find peace in any way. Due to disappointment, frustration and lack of enthusiasm, this is also the result of this. If there is no time-consuming solution of black magic, it can be very destructive, horrific and deadly, resulting in the life of the person can be wasted and ruined, or it can do any horrible disease.

Astrological Yoga of Black Magic

In the horoscope, the special combination of planets comes under the influence of dark magic. If the Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, in the horoscope, suffer from Rahu-Ketu in particular emotions, then only negative mechanisms influence the person. The black magic overwhelms the person whose marriage and the sun are weak. If the eclipse is in the horoscope or Rahu is in very bad situation or there is a narrow sight of Saturn or Mangal-Saturn is a coincidence, or even if it is a coincidence of Chandra-Saturn, the caste comes under the influence of negative forces. The situation is also important in the horoscope's horoscope. If there is a situation related to the sixth house and the sheets at this time and Dashmesh is situated in the marriage, the seventh and the fourth house, and the relationship of Mars is from the marriage and the status of Ketu is in the fourth, first and tenth house. If Mercury is related to Gulikas and Mars is in a displaced place and both eyes have a vision, then the person comes under the influence of black magic. If such coincidence happens, it comes under the influence of black magic.

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